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We offer a scope of extravagance visiting alternatives every intended to meet your individual prerequisites. Our fleet of extravagance cars and personal insight of the zone, we’re ready to give a top notch, solid, attentive and unrivaled escort administration.

So paying little heed to whether you want a quick and consistent air terminal exchange, a voyage through accompanied by wine and craftsmanship trails or an expanded trip through the Cannes, each Loyale Group of VIP experience guarantees to be individual and outstandingly customized.


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We offer you the chance to delegate your way of life administration, capitalize on your leisure time and amplify your lifestyle in Cannes. We provide party & occasion arranging management, Debut Theaters tickets, Sport Event Tickets, Reservations, obtainment of sold out tickets, Premium Seating at all venues and significantly more.

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The Loyale Group of VIP gives the finest private plane and helicopter contracts for all sort of official exchanges from/to Cannes all through the fundamental urban areas in Europe. We supply an extensive variety of contract helicopters and private planes for your recreation or business trip. We can organize all your contract plane flights, helicopters and business flies inside only few hours notice.

Our private plane sanction benefit in Cannes permits you to leave when you need and on the plane that you need. Organize your flights from Cannes to any city in Europe in view and you could call your own timetable. Don’t allow yourself to associate with stops and pointless layovers. Make your experience simple and agreeable with a private plane rental from The Loyale Group of VIP.


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